Super Heroes of Illustration: Cait Maloney & Charles Akins

Meet the Illustrators, Charles Akins & Cait Maloney living in working in South Carolina. We will discuss their work, process, and how they’ve managed to navigate a successful career in illustration. Join us for a panel discussion while also viewing the incredible Four Color Fantasies Collections. The collection offers visitors an in-depth journey through the history of comics, and includes items from all genres, publishers and eras from the Platinum Age to the present.

  • 143,000 unique comic books
  • 20,000 magazines
  • 15,000 paperbacks
  • 5,000 pulp publications and other items

Meet Cait:
For ten years, Cait Maloney has collaborated with clients locally, nationally and internationally — running the creative gamut of design and illustration in everything from children’s book illustrations to environmental branding to print design and so much more. Check out her work at

Meet Charles:
For twenty years, Charles Akins has created illustrative designs that spans a variety of approaches while retaining an underlying whimsy. His work could be described as kinetic and fun, while at the same time, friendly, engaging and approachable. Having worked professionally for over twenty years, he understands the many needs of many markets from editorial and publishing, to design, packaging and advertising.

Akins’ work has been widely published and featured in Step-By-Step digital, The Illustration Workbook, Picturebook, and in the Hayden book: “Adobe Illustrator-Creative Techniques,” “Graphis Student 96,” the Quayside book: “Logolounge Master Library: 3000 Animal & Mythology Logos,” as well as the recent Rockport published “Design:Logo by Von Glitschka and Paul Howalt.” Also, his work is pictured in the NY Times bestseller, “Totally MAD, 60 Years of Humor, Satire, Stupidity and Stupidity,” and “MAD, The 100 Dumbest People, Events & Things of the Century (So Far), and numerous issues of MAD magazine and many other editorial publications. Check out Charles work:

When & Where
Tue, Jan 21, 2020 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
University of South Carolina Libraries
1322 Greene St
Columbia, South Carolina 29208