Will Bullock
Membership Director

A lover of hip-hop, Star Wars and Clemson Football, Will began his design career in the field of architecture. His CAD-pumping skills were on point, but his curiosity for design presentation lead him down a dark path where he began to experiment with the gateway drug known as “Adobe”. His love of design soon translated into a love of design promotion, which moved him into the world of creative marketing. After all, what good is a design that no one ever sees? 

Will believes no designer can afford to be one-dimensional nor should they work in a vacuum. He is a Pantone-toting print and logo designer, a UX strategist, a nuts-and-bolts UI creator, an avid photographer, a typography aficionado, and he has embraced the cascade as a self-taught frontend developer. He enjoys geeking out over “impossible” pixel-perfect web builds as much as technical printing triumphs, and is always hungry to learn more.

Strategic design exploration, crafting client stories, and creative problem solving continue to fuel his passion.

In his current role at Obviouslee Marketing, Will enjoys working collaboratively with clients which allows him to more intelligently translate their business goals into visual design strategies. Will lives on James Island with his wife, Dixie, and their three wild and crazy (but lovable) children. He serves on the board of the South Carolina Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and is actively involved in his church, Bethel UMC. His love of community is what drew him to AIGA. He believes no one should feel excluded from the conversation of design, and he’s always willing to offer a crit, drop some knowledge, share some advice, or simply give a hug.

“Image is everything™”
–Will B.

Twitterz: @houseofbullock
The ‘Gram: @willbullock
LinkedIn: in/bullock