Hoodzpah Design Co.

From the sunny side of California all the way to the Holy City, comes Amy and Jen Hood, twin sisters from Orange County who have built their own business, Hoodzpah Design Co. from scratch, becoming one of the most exciting and creative design branding agencies in the country. Join them as they talk business and discuss the in’s and out’s of starting your own freelance gig or design agency, growing a client base without selling out or starving, and finding the magical crossroads between smart and sexy small business.


The Events



Hell Yeah: Riding Low Expectations to The Top

Friday, July 26 | 6 - 9 PM
How do you create goals for yourself and stay true to your vision while still allowing the twists, turns, and unexpected opportunities of life to delight you? Learn how to plan and grow your company without drinking your own kool-aid through a myriad of personal anecdotes of joy, failure, and every emotion in between.



Freelance and Business and Stuff

Saturday, July 27 | 9 AM - 1PM
In this 4 hour workshop we'll get super transparent on numbers and tactics (showing you our top secret quotes, project presentation decks, and more). We'll go through the process of starting, running, and optimizing your own creative business through worksheets, take-home resources, a presentation, low-risk/low-cost tips and tricks, personal anecdotes, and 30-45 minutes of open Q&A at the end (so get your specific business questions ready!).


Speaker Bio

Hoodzpah is a branding agency with moxie. We relish in creating things that delight the senses and serve the purpose. We’ve branded hundreds of businesses. We’ve also carried on the torch of brands that have come before us, designing on campaigns and projects for cultural pillars like Google, Disney, Vox Media, and Target. Our modern team is hand-selected per project, to best suit each client’s needs. Each project is spearheaded by the Creative Directors that founded and helm our brand: Amy and Jennifer Hood. We enjoy inserting fresh perspective on challenging projects. Problems welcome. Solutions served hot. Amy and Jen Hood are also co-founders of the creative meet-up Connecting Things (www.connectingthings.co) that holds meetups in CA, KY, TX, and CO. They also design and sell their own posters, pins, and bandanas via their accessories brand, Odds and Sods (www.oddsandsods.co). Shine On.

When & Where
Tue, Nov 30, -0001