Grassroots Design Thinking with John Murray—Design Lead, IBM

Ready for a new way to work?

Experience Design Thinking: a framework to solve our users’ problems at the speed and scale of the modern digital enterprise.

Products and services are not measured by features and functions. They're measured by how well we fulfill our users’ needs. When we shift the conversation from one about features and functions to one about users and user outcomes, we deliver more useful, usable, and desirable solutions. We elevate professions and redefine industries. But most importantly, we earn the trust, respect, and repeat business of the people we serve.

While Design Thinking is traditionally taught as large workshops with all stakeholders involved, sometimes that's just not possible due to budget, availability and skepticism. John will talk us through how to start using the framework as a lone wolf or a small team by starting at the granular, grassroots level and slowly on boarding other teams by demonstrating the value. Learn how to show your company the true value of the Design Thinking process and turn naysayers into advocates.

About John Murray

A self-taught designer and front-end dev, John has been in the tech industry since 2007. As a design leader at IBM, he tirelessly advocates for the end-user at every stage of product development by maintaining collaborative relationships with product managers, development managers, and c-suite executives. In his spare time, John travels the globe to plan and facilitate design thinking workshops either through IBM or his local AIGA chapter.

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