2018 Design Graveyard – Event

Every year designers create countless intricately crafted, well-thought-out logos, packaging and poster designs that never see the light of day. Some are shot down in flames, while others never had a chance to launch. This show is all about celebrating the great ideas that have been buried, and, for one night only, they'll be brought back from the graveyard and put on display. Join us as we honor these creations brief life before they are buried once more.


Food & Beverage By

Merrows Garden Bar | Wine, Cider & Beer
Spanglish Cuban Kitchen | Casual simple Cuban-American cuisine
Sushi Wa Izakaya | Quality sushi, chirashi, sake and small plates
Two Fat Olives | Classic Italian comfort food
Revel Taqería |  Fresh California street food
Little Miss Ha | Heritage inspired Vietnamese cuisine
Edmund's Oast Brewing
| Avant-garde beers, wood-fired pizzas & bar eats
When & Where
Tue, Nov 30, -0001