[Conference] AIGA Creative Lead Con

Unlock your creative potential

We want to work for leaders who inspire us. We are seeing a shift away from traditional leadership and the embrace of creative leadership. Now is the time for creatives to lead.

The role of the designer is evolving as companies look to us to lead in problem solving, innovation, and strategy. AIGA Creative LeadCon offers a professional learning opportunity that will prepare you to inspire those around you, meet current industry demands and empower you to stay ahead of future challenges. This conference will serve as a catalyst for design professionals to cultivate core leadership, business and strategic thinking skills to become skilled decision makers, innovative problem solvers, and inspirational motivators for positive change.

During this three-day conference, you will gain insights from industry thought leaders, learn about tools and skills you can put into immediate action, and adopt a leader’s mindset to thrive and succeed through change. Attendees of AIGA Creative LeadCon will also gain support by building peer-to-peer relationships through cohort groups established during the conference. The building of networks, peer support, and personal connections is at the core of AIGA Creative LeadCon.

When & Where
Thu, Aug 9, 2018 - Sat, Aug 11, 2018
The Study at University City
20 S 33rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19104