[Conference] Adobe MAX 2018

Over 150 speakers across the creative industry

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Convince Your Boss Letter

Subject: Attending Adobe MAX 2018 

Dear (insert boss’s name)
I’d like to attend Adobe MAX, The Creativity Conference, from October 15-17 in Los Angeles. MAX is the annual gathering of over 12,000 graphic, web, and multi-disciplinary designers; creative and art directors; film, video, and motion graphics pros; photographers; and creative leaders.

I’d like to go to MAX this year and I think it’s worth the investment. Here are some ways I’d benefit and our company would benefit:

I’ll become more productive — I’ll learn new tools, techniques, and tips & tricks so I can work more quickly and efficiently. That should save time and money.

I’ll learn from the experts — MAX sessions and labs are led by some amazing folks — some of the best in the biz. I can sign up for hands-on training and sessions that directly relate to my job. 

I’ll get inspired to produce better work — Last year 95% of MAX 2017 attendees said they were inspired to create innovative projects. We can all use a boost of inspiration now and again.

I’ll learn more about the creative industry — I’ll get to see the latest design trends and tools, and how we might apply some of these to keep our company on the leading edge of design.

I’ll learn from my colleagues — Over 12,000 MAX attendees come from organizations (small and large) from all over the world. I’ll be able to connect with them and get some cool new ideas and solutions.

I believe MAX is worth the investment. It’s the one conference where I can learn about industry trends, get exposure to new products and technology, and kick start my creativity all at once. 

You can learn more about MAX at www.max.adobe.com.

When & Where
Sat, Oct 13, 2018 - Wed, Oct 17, 2018
Los Angeles, CA