[Columbia] UX Columbia – Surviving a Stakeholder Attack

Designing sites, apps, and software can be dangerous, especially if you’re the one leading the effort. Project leads have the unenviable job of keeping both stakeholders and users happy. A rock and a hard place for sure. When what stakeholders want doesn’t line up with what users need, project leads have to put their best survival skills to the test to avoid an attack that will kill the whole project.

At August’s UX Meetup, we’ll learn how to survive when stakeholders attack a digital project with well-intentioned, but hairbrained suggestions and opinions. We’ll hear survival stories and tips from professionals and project leads who successfully got stakeholders on board with their brilliant UX ideas and saved their digital projects.

Armed with tactics from our speakers, you’ll be able to navigate any situation where a stakeholder attack threatens the success and user experience of your site, app, or software.


Courtesy of Krumware


6 PM: Arrive at UX MeetUp.

6 – 7:30 PM: Sustain yourself with free pizza and beverages while talking with fellow Columbia digital product makers/survivors.

7:30 PM: Listen to our speakers’ stakeholder attack survival stories and learn how to avoid and handle your own stakeholder attacks.


.Paul Rouillard, Senior Product Designer at Genesys
.David Anderson, Senior Broadcast Producer at Lexington Medical Center
.Leilani Boyce, Senior UX Architect at Cardinal Solutions

When & Where
Tue, Aug 28, 2018
SOCO Vista
823 Gervais Street
Columbia, SC 29201