[Columbia] SOCO: Financial “Indiependence”

Walking The Path to Financial Independence for Indie workers, Creators and the Self-employed

For so many, the idea of financial independence is absurdly out of reach. Did you know the average individual has less than $5,000 saved for retirement? A full 40% of the self-employed don’t have a formal retirement plan and 200 million Americans are losing sleep over money on a regular basis. Sound familiar? If so, this session is for you.

The goal of this in-depth session is to help every attendee get a handle on their personal financial lives, learn the path to financial independence and begin walking that path. This is the most powerful step you can take if you have a dream you are pursuing.

This session will tackle:

  • The concept of financial independence
  • The foundations of personal financial success
  • Understanding and taking control of your own personal finances
  • Laying out a step-by-step path to eliminating debt and building wealth
  • Hands-on, practical exercises to get you started (immediately) on the path to financial independence
  • Real world examples of people that are walking the path and how they did it

When it’s over, you’ll have a clear vision and a simple plan to get you on the path to financial independence. You’ll also get some tools to equip you on your journey. Most importantly, you’ll have the motivation to make change happen. #Guaranteed

It can be done. We’ll show you how and walk the path with you.



Your Speakers (and Financial Guides)

Steven Hughes
Founder of Know Money, Inc.
Speaker, Author

Steven M. Hughes is a money expert and social entrepreneur. He is a native of Columbia, South Carolina and for the past seven years, he has empowered thousands of people —equipping them with knowledge and tools to develop their financial foundation, set and achieve their goals, and most importantly, take action to make positive life changes in their financial lives.  Read More >
Greg Hilton
Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder – SOCO, Partner – Period Three
Greg is an outspoken serial entrepreneur and co-founder of SOCO, a fast-growing platform and community for creators and members of the “gig economy.” SOCO now boasts over 130 members, 75 member companies and has experienced 36 months straight of growth. At the center of it all is a philosophy of community, service and living life on your own terms. Read More >


When & Where
Thu, Jul 26, 2018 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
SOCO Vista
823 Gervais Street #220
Columbia, SC 29201